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Individual Therapy

‘“From the outset I was struck by how good you were at listening and how you were able to ask me questions which caused me to examine my feelings in a more logical and considered way than I had experienced in sessions with my previous therapist. I found this approach very helpful as it encouraged me to unravel feelings and emotions that were so badly tangled that I never thought I would be able to undo the knots. These knots, some tied well and pulled very tight, like the grief I had experienced since the sudden death of my Father, and others seemingly a mess of chaotic twists, an unhappy collection of ‘wrong turns’ and regrets, were constantly reminding me, binding me and ultimately anchoring my life in the past.
 I hadn’t realised it but I was depressed because I no longer looked to the future – I was stuck in the past torturing myself with events I could not change, rather than learning from them and moving forward with each new day. In my darkest moments I pleaded with God to let me die – depression is horrible & I didn’t want to live like this - I felt like a ghost anyway (invisible, detached from life, a shadow of my former self, a failure, forgotten)  – but he sent you instead.
 Your observations and questions challenged how I thought and felt about myself; I learned to put myself first sometimes and to begin establishing some healthy boundaries in my relationships – this has been nothing short of a life-changing revelation to me! So I am very grateful to you. Thank you for helping me want to live again, to believe I have a future and to help me re-gain my faith in it.

2 Year Monthly Psychodrama Group

"I embarked on the second year of psychodrama with enthusiasm......filled with the knowing of what had gone before...the breaking down of old poisons and the taking in of new breaths....and with the anticipation of a new level.....     I had developed a naturalness with the drama, taking roles with empathy......confident in being able to help others as well as myself!
The second year did not disappoint ....... It was indeed a new level......and in the process I began to sparkle......yes, I faced new threats.....but also new strengths, new playfulness and new, fresh breaths of clarity. New people in the group added to the dimensions and increased the laughter and the support in times of sore and broken hearts. We cried, but also sang a new song......... I will never forget the fun on the residential, or,on the last day of the year.,...... standing high on chairs, holding hands and celebrating the showing up for living.......we sang our hearts out!!! 
Many thanks to Biggi who made it all possible!!!!  Anne

“It is difficult to describe, in words, an experience that has gone far beyond words. My experience of Psychodrama Psychotherapy, with Biggi Hofmann, both on a one to one, and in a group setting, has been life changing.
With the support of both Biggi and the group members, Psychodrama Psychotherapy has enabled me to re-tell my life story in a completely new and creative way, and to come to certain realisations that no amount of counselling or traditional psychotherapy could have enabled me to do. Counselling and psychotherapy have certainly had an important role to play in my life, but the added dimensions that Psychodrama Psychotherapy brings to therapy, has made all the difference for me. Showing rather than telling, helped me to get out of my head and feel, rather than just talk. Having other group members to witness my difficulties, (and actually take part in acting out my life story), and for these group members, to then share, how my difficulties and my experiences related to their own, helped me to feel much less isolated and less different. I connected with the rest of the group at a very deep and meaningful level. Being able to view my experiences in this new way has led to a greater understanding of those experiences and, more importantly, has led to my having more compassion for myself, which was severely lacking before I started therapy.

Working with Biggi on a one to one basis has been both a privilege and an inspiration. Biggi is extremely skilled and infinitely patient. I felt very confident in Biggi’s care, at all times. As with the group therapy, Biggi used various methods that helped to enrich the whole experience of the therapy for me – again enabling me to get ‘ out of my head and into my heart’. During the therapy, Biggi often encouraged me to select objects to represent feelings or things that were on my mind, and I found that this really brought new dimensions to the therapy. It reminded me of my experience of playing with toys or objects as a child - just doing and not thinking. Choosing objects helped me to focus, and often brought up issues or feelings that would otherwise not have surfaced so quickly, if at all. It was a simple, yet very powerful, technique.
So, if I were to pick objects or pictures to represent my experience of Psychodrama Psychotherapy with Biggi Hofmann, they would be as follows:

The sun : warm, positive regard;
a feather: gentle encouragement;
an acorn: growth and potential;
a rock: challenge;
a gladiator: overcoming challenges;
a dove: compassion for myself and others;
a key: inspiration and realisations; fingers touching: connection”
Sheila Rice


Weekend Residentials

“Thank you for a lovely, different, warm, caring and honest experience Biggi.”
Love Cath

“I am pleased to have had such a multisensory experience. The process was very interesting and a number of things emerged for me to give consideration to in due process. Thanks Biggi and big thanks for creating a supportive space that very quickly allowed a level of trust to be established. Thanks also go to the group for the sharing of life’s experiences.” Martin

“Psychodrama is:
 A place where I can bring out all of my selves and find myself totally accepted with unconditional love, A place where I feel safer than I have ever felt before, A place where I am free to be ... and not be judged for being me, A place where I can play, or cry, or laugh or scream ... or become a colour or live a dream. A place where I can right a wrong ... let it go and carry on. A place where I can strut my stuff or imagine I'm a movie star ... a piece of cloth can be enough. A place where I can meet the other ... my shadow self or just my mother. A place where I can find a path that leads me inward where I discover. A place thats sacred ... a place that's deep. A place of beauty that makes me weep. A joyful scene ... a powerful dream where everything is possible, it seems ... A place where I have found the courage to take baby steps and giant leaps. Knowing loving hands are there to meet ... and in them safely your soul she keeps.”
 With love and gratitude to Biggi
Wendy x

“What a wonderful journey full of all sorts of feeling pain, sorrow, then love, laughter and absolute bliss. Thank you for giving me this opportunity through your being.” Love Smita

“I feel so privileged to have been part of the group experience this weekend. I have experienced a surprising depth of emotion, which was unexpected. I have been moved to tears, to uncontrollable laughter and I have grown and experienced such powerful emotions and connections with others in the group. Thank you so much for facilitating our weekend.” Elaine

“The weekend has been a fantastic, rich journey on lots of levels – with depth and light and colour and riches – I have taken so much from the experience, not least the connectedness to all the people in the group. I am thankful for all of it.” Mary

“Biggi, thank you so much for guiding us gently through the ocean of emotions and bringing us safely out the other side; enriched and enlivened with little sea treasures to carry with us on the journey. Thank you.” Wendy

“Thank you for the most enriching, real and congruent weekend. A joy to be part of this diverse group, each person with so many gifts and qualities – thank you for valuing each one of us and facilitating a joyous tranquil, peaceful space.” Judy

"Thank you very much; the love and support I felt was incredible..... and the sense of space - lots. An amazing experience. In true love and gratitude." Ciara

"I was appreciative of the space on this weekend; to dance, to move, to hold my arms out to others and to be held in love and sunshine." Anne

"A very interesting weekend leading to a lot of self discovery, both during my psychodrama and playing a part in others' exploration. Thank you Biggi." Martin

" I came on this weekend with feelings of apprehension; I was guarded and protective of myself. Now at the close of this time and the experience, I feel freedom to be me and empowered to let others see me - without fear of rejection, judgement or criticism. - For these gifts I am grateful and enriched."


NIGAT SummerSchool Workshops

"I attended the NIGAT psychodrama workshop with Biggi initially to develop my professional interest in Drama-therapy, but what I experienced was so much more. Using a combination of art materials, group discussion and drama techniques we explored our own life experiences in a supportive and fun environment. Biggi guided me in the gentle exploration of an experience that I realised through out the week had been inhibiting my creative abilities for the best part of 8 years. The gift she gave me was the freedom and courage to be the person I was always meant to be. I feel that taking part in this group became a very positive and enlightening experience that touched me on a very deep personal level, and that will continue to influence a creative approach in the development of my professional life. I would highly recommend this group to others, and now look forward to enjoying future creative endeavours."

"I took part in a four day psychodrama workshop facilitated by Biggi Hofmann. We were a small group of 8 people. Having never had any experience of psychodrama before I didn’t know what to expect. It was a very powerful experience. Biggi was a gentle guide in our process, allowing us to be the solution to our own situation. Using art, clay, movement and interaction with each other, we explored our own lives and our own solutions. I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in their own inner journey." - Nóra Skehan

"Thank you for the very positive experience I had while participating in your workshop during the art therapy summer school. I felt at the beginning that I would not get a lot from the workshop because it was a group setting and I was not going to bear my issues to a group of strangers! Well, after an initial nervousness in which you had me read very well and stepped in to lead me into the process you are so experienced with, I went with the process. Whow, what a process, I was utterly amazed at where it lead me. I at no time felt I had to go to a place I was not ready to enter. I was confident I could step out at any time. I need only take as little or as big a step as I was ready for.
I would be very open to working in a group setting again as I felt this actually added greatly to my learning experience. Thank you Biggi, your field of expertise was a fascinating eye opener for me and I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience one of your workshops."



Group Creation

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." George Bernard Shaw