Biggi Hofmann  

July Residential Feedback 2017

“I want to thank you for a very interesting, relaxing and insightful weekend. It was powerful to witness psychodrama at its best and what unexpectedly emerged for me.” Rachel

“Thank you Biggi for such a wonderful weekend. I now feel I have a place in my home! “ Brenda

July Residential Feedback 2016
"The residential was a very powerful experience; I feel reintegrated - like all the pieces have been put back together, after a difficult phase. With Biggi's expert guidance and her unwavering concern for the safety and wellbeing of participants - I'm very grateful to have had the freedom to confront some of the demons head on, call them what they are, and move on, a little lighter than before and ready for the next stage. The group was supportive and it's lovely that there was the opportunity for laughter even when there were tears. Looking forward to the next one. "

"The Weather was not so hot...some grey skies reflected in a dark sea, but the experience was still colourful and enriching at the Ballintoy summer residential 2016. The theme was the “Alchemy of Acceptance”, and the process involved examining the accepted and the non accepted in our lives. I selected my power animal card, to guide me over the weekend, and the “ turtle” reminded me of blue skies and sea, and swimming with a turtle, watching it graze along the seabed with carefree abandon. Some issues of non acceptance came up for us all, and the folks who chose to engage in a piece of work, faced these with bravery and trust in our facilitator, Biggi. Always a choice to step forward, always a safe scene to retreat to, when the going got tough or grey! Always the others in the group gently encouraging, doubling, taking the relevant roles. The taking of a role often raises awareness of our own inner messages of the soul. For me, the turtle was telling me to stop slow down, to accept things as they are, to look forward with hope. I remembered, and at times the remembering was unsettling, but the rewards of the group dynamics, eased my mind. Add to this the poetry, the beautiful meditation music, the work with clay, the writing of stories, and the use of materials and symbolic objects, and the weekend flowed with grace and reassurance. I felt, as always, uplifted and held. We had laughter, too, a meal in the local pub, with the Game of thrones throne (!) to sit upon, and the craic of the locals in the background. Young people, too, were around us the first night, reminding us of youthful days, and freedom of spirit. A precious time spent, some precious bonds linked us with nature, goodness and love...Thanks to all!"

July Residential Feedback 2015

"Thank you Biggi, for a great weekend.  I love your style - calm, unassuming and quietly confident and very supportive and respectful of each individual and their different levels of experience with psychodrama.  If I ever qualify as a psychodramatist, I would like to be at least some of that!   I also really appreciated all the creative ways you offered as a means of engaging the group with the themes and exploring what they meant to us individually.   Beautiful location too  - and of course the retro dance-fest on Saturday night was a highlight - I don't often experience such a comprehensive commitment to ABBA's back catalogue!  I'll be back!"

"Doing Psychodrama in the land that time forgot was not only a very healing experience but also transformative.
I rediscovered & reconnected with talents I'd forgotten & left with a few new ones too. Many Thanks Biggi!" Sara"

I recently attended Biggi Hofmann's residential in the beautiful village of Ballintoy set in the stunning North Coast of Ireland. The title of the residential was Wings and Roots and we were invited to dig deep into ourselves and find what grounded us and what caused us pain associated with hell, and what gave us joy associated with heaven, reaching for the sky. The weekend was very fulfilling and it was a privilege to be part of the group process and be supportive of people's personal journey. The facilitation offered by Biggi, a very gentle and experienced psychodrama psychotherapist, was very rewarding. She contains and facilitates opportunities for deep personal growth. It was such a privilege to witness individual group members and their personal growth they showed at the weekend. Overall I would highly recommend these residentials to people interested in group processes and personal growth." Denise McHugh
‘Our Need To Belong’ Residential July 2014 Feedback

This is my third residential in Ballintoy now and yet again I have felt the wonder of both experiencing my own and witnessing others personal transformations towards more satiated and self aware human beings. The beautiful natural location together with Biggi's comfort and mastery of psychodrama combine to create a space to heal often long held wounds.

This particular residential really did facilitate our sense of "being and belonging" as the theme suggested. As a full time Counsellor I would particularly recommend Biggi's residentials and workshops to all therapists or those in caring professions as a way of giving to ourselves what we try to provide others; the time and space to reflect, to heal and to simply be fully ourselves.

"I loved the theme of being and belonging and how the two relate. I found the weekend to be joyful, relaxing and most of all very gentle. I enjoyed having the opportunity to hold different roles and especially loved the experience of being a witness to someone else's story. There was a strong sense of friendship and support throughout from everyone.
I admire the creativity and ease with which Biggi facilitates the healing process. It was a truly safe and loving experience."

November Residential in Ballintoy 2013 Feedback

“The residential was very rewarding on many levels, with lots of support within the group and from Biggi, who is unfailingly warm and careful with the process. Again, I was amazed by the power of the method, and even when I did find things difficult the support of Biggi and the group helped me over the hump. There was laughter, tears, sharing and learning, and I have taken away some life-changing insights, which I got not even through my own work, but simply by taking part in the scenarios of others. A powerful weekend – thank you Biggi!”

“Coming in from the Cold....
Ms Trust negotiates the dim lit country roads,
sensing not seeing the vast expanse of the sea beyond the carved concrete which curves its way along the cliff edge
to which he is drawn like a moth to a flame.
Caution.... brake.... turn following the sharpened bend
which snakes away from the sea now glanced in all its autumn austerity by occasional street lamps which bejewel
it’s greyer, colder, vastness and suggest a seasonally different facet unveiled for those who are brave enough to explore.....
Parked now by a street village populated by a few amenities
with presumed people somewhere inside Ms Trust bids finally farewells to the world just departed via the human made device
to keep her connected but fails to find a signal in this transformative place... And so to enter the therapeutic space where dreams are dared like fires are drawn, kindled and bellowed like meals prepared, shared and digested.
These dreams are individual as they are hurtful. Collective as they are joyful. They are masks, attachments, fears to be let go. In place of authenticity, path finding, barrier breaking and reparenting.... As the weekend draws to a close and mistrusts lie ashen in the fading fire I brace to get back out into the cold to trust myself and play for real.”

"I was drawn to the residential and knew that it would not be a "rehash" of last summers one. I find the location perfect. It feels like coming home to yourself. It feels safe, peaceful and a thousand miles from the norm. I felt challenged but alive. Free to be myself and it feels good to be me. Thank you for facilitating such a wonderful weekend." Patsy

“This was a very illuminating experience for me- trust in the process”

“We gathered again in Ballintoy but this time in Autumnal weather. The views were still outstanding and although a fresher breeze around us.....the warmth crept in through heated rooms,  a blazing cottage fire, but also a rekindling of friendships and bridges built in the summer. New people joined us and illuminated us more as they uncovered their own fragmented journeys. Like a patchwork quilt we gathered all around to give and receive...  Older stories of healing, younger child experiences, hurting and playful coming together to enrich us all. This tapestry was held by Biggi who interwove and mended where pieces had come adrift.....Some magic was in the air, the eagle soaring, the deer finding her path, the cloak of magic raven and the jug of fulfillment, the invisible became visible and had voice... telling  of stories that grow through time and healing......we become whole again for a while and danced.... Thanks again to all who accepted and shared it with me.”  Anne  

“I found the winter residential very uplifting. Biggi is a very skilful group facilitator who respects individual rights and dignity. She works at the pace of each participant so the environment feels safe and secure.
The quality of her professional knowledge is excellent and she enables each participant to foster their sense of self and increase their personal effectiveness. 
 At the same time she supports people in a remarkably effective way so they can work to alleviate their own personal distress and suffering.
All in all this was a most worthwhile experience.” Lorraine

“It was a difficult process for me very much and I am feeling more so since.  I had no idea of the impact of the work that we did, and how much of an impact the issues were having on me.  The environment was excellent for allowing us to feel able to enact much.  I was going with no expectations and felt very much at ease with not only the surroundings, but with the people in the group and your very good self who tuned into all that was important.  Not only the accommodation, but to be able to venture out, and to enjoy the pleasant surroundings, and we were blessed with the sunshine and blue skies.  An eventful weekend all in all.”

I was pleased as ever to participate in the annual residential psychodrama weekend at Ballintoy 2013. The weather was superb and a bonus was the swimming in the sea!  We were a cohesive group who settled quickly with each other and with Biggi's gentle approach we felt safe and free to explore the theme of the weekend " the Space in between".   This concept meant different things to different people,  a mist of invisibility for some, the joy of vibrancy and movement for others.  I learned more about myself, my inner heart space and the desire to continue to stretch and grow. As a means of healing, this is a powerful event which brings friendship, human understanding and love! I would definitely recommend it to others who wish to explore their psyche in more depth in a safe environment. Touched by it as always.....Thanks to all who were with me on the journeying!”   Anne

“My experience of the psychodrama weekend was initially of not knowing what was ahead, to finding out and experiencing 'a shadow' part of me. A week has passed and with settling it has shown itself as a more experiential feeling of becoming more complete.   I eagerly look forward to the next one because now I know the power that lies within being a part of the group that offers safety to explore that side of us we have kept hidden to everyone even ourselves.”   

“A beautiful space to be held gently and safely whilst looking at our wounds. To appreciate the sacredness of all our journeys. Very powerful work.”

“I loved the residential course.  I was nervous about looking deeply into some of the issues I brought to the weekend, but Biggi’s excellent facilitation, along with the support of the group, allowed me to gradually unpack my negative emotions, safely hold them up to the light without judgement and in my own time.   During the weekend, understanding of the emotions I have experienced regarding my situation grew bit by bit until I was able to confront my issues in a positive and enlightening piece of work.  I am always amazed at the power of the psychodramatic process, and am intensely grateful for what the weekend has given me: illumination, reawakening of my dignity, recovery of power over my situation, affirmation, and the best chance to rebuild to important relationships in my life in a way that will be positive for all concerned.  I am really looking forward to the next one!”

There's an element of peril
In diving for ocean's pearls
Less we forget to surface for air
Breath out and in again
Feel the warmth of others' sun
But don't burn
And careful not to cross too quickly
Any people made bridges
Over the spaces in between
This and that
Now and then
You and me name but three
Chased by misty fears of
Alone name but two
Veils obscuring the view
Of natural beauty
A melting sunset name but one
In stillness

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