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Liberating the Heart
Autumn Psychodrama Residential 13th -15th October 2017

“To see your drama clearly is to be liberated from it.”
Ken Keyes

When we start to address our defences and tucked away feelings beneath them, we can find parts of ourselves that we thought were lost forever. Allowing ourselves to experience the intensity of these emotions enables us to be able to gain new insight as to why and how we have become the way we are. We can accept and integrate those lost parts of ourselves with new compassion and forgiveness. As Thomas Lewis argues:

“Those who succeed in revealing themselves to another find the dimness receding from their own visions of self. Like people awakening from a dream, they slough of the accumulated, ill-fitting trappings of unsuitable lives.”

“The Beauty of Truth: whether it is good or bad, it is liberating.”
Paolo Coehlo

Time schedule of the weekend:
Friday at 7 - 9
Saturday 10 - 5
Sunday 10 – 3.
Group size is limited to 10.
This workshop counts for 15 CPD hours.

Cost: early booking rate: £170. Bookings made after 1st September: £190. Non-refundable deposit of £70 confirms your booking. If you paid the full fee at the time of booking, and need to cancel, no refunds are available if notice is given less than three weeks before the workshop, or if you do not attend or if you leave early.

The cost does not include food. The nearest supermarket is in Ballycastle, and a village store in Ballintoy.
Contact Biggi for a booking form and send it with your deposit cheque or bank transfer.

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Group Creation

"Power of Symbols"

We do not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” C. G. Jung